Monday, October 3, 2011

My small story-Part I

In my college days I was highly reluctant to the smoking and drinking habits.Some of my friends in the leisure time often went to outside campus for having puff of rolled tobacco.I used to ask them what's there in it that they liked so much?And they replied-"You'll come to know when you will have it".Out of curiosity one fine day I had it and that was the end of my healthy days.Then I came to know why its so addictive and known as recreational drug
The smoke inhaled triggers some chemical reaction in the brain's nerve endings which leads to a sensational feeling of pleasure.In simple words it makes you feel high.For people smoking in the beginning stages will get a feeling lightness in their body and a virtual feeling of brain getting relaxed after smoking.

Whatsoever may be the feeling ,but the fact is that its a poisonous sweet.The brain falls into this trap and gets tuned for the intake further doses of nicotine constantly into the body.

Rest of the story in part-II

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