Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Some smoke all the time and still stay seemingly healthy till they die

Not everybody is equal.Everbody's body is designed in different way so not everybody can take the blow of smoking hazard equally.Some may live longer some may die early.Depends on the body's fighting power.Don't think that "that guy who smokes a lot is disease free" ,who knows that those who seemingly look healthy even after years of heavy smoking may be suffering some invisible ailment.So not everybody's  resistance power is the same.

If you have smoked not more than 5 years

You have a fair chance that your lungs will recover if you have smoked not more that 5 years.After quitting smoking it may take another 4-5 years for the replenishment and purification of lung cells and tissue.If you don't believe then visit this page

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Don't smoke the complete cigarette

If you can' t quit smoking then you can try for smoking half a cigarette at a time.Throw the other half(I know how difficult it would be to throw the source of pleasure just when you have relished it half only).Keep no attachment to the other half while throwing it.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Viscious circle

The more you smoke the more nicotine gets in your body,the more nicotine gets accumulated in your body the more it compels your brain to seek pleasure through smoking.Hence the viscious circle continues.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Short highs and deep lows-2

The highs during the smoking are short lived but the lows may continue for few minutes or few hours.In the lows you feel deprived of energy,happiness,friendship and many more things depending on the individual's mental state.These lows are so deep that they create a deteriorating effect on your brain in the long term.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Try this one!!!

Don't smoke for three days and also stay away from smokers for these days.Then resume smoking after three days,then again quit for 10 days after the first resumption.This time whenever you feel the urge to smoke then eat fruits or chocolates.After these 10 days resume smoking but remember by this time you would be able to judge how much you really need to smoke a day.So from here cut down gradually your cigarettes from a packet to 5 then to 3 and then to 1.
There is no guarantee for this method as it depends on how strictly you follow the regime,but I did it and was successful.

We don't know how many we smoked

How many count or remember that how much they have smoked in a day unless its a complete pack if cigarette.We often smoke more than we can intake.It does no good than to harm the lungs and kidneys.Keep yourself aware that whether you are smoking more or least a day.Just control the count.

Short highs and deep lows-1

Do you remember when you smoked for the first time your brain touched high and also the fading of high feeling after few minutes of smoking. With the subsequent years of smoking your brain gets adapted for these highs and lows.It signals you to take more and more cigarette smoke to keep that high feeling alive.
The next post will tell you about the "deep low syndrome"

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

We smoke more often when we are travelling

The smoke devil eludes us more when we become tired and exhausted after a long and hectic journey,strenuous activity,etc.The smoker lights up his cigarette and feels relaxed.That's a myth.
Whenever the brain gets exhausted of sufficient oxygen it sends signals to the senses,demanding the intake of nicotin.Just take a deep breath two three times and the urge for smoking can be diminished.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Why pay money for spoiling your health

You will find fruitful results only after 8-10 months(depends on your body's healing property).Once you quit smoking you will be no longer depressed and lethargic.You will not be prone to making hazy decisions and not fall sick on the weekdays while doing your work.After 14 months since quitting smoking I have gained weight with good BMI and my memory has improved.And of course my annual wastage of money on the cigarettes has zeroed.
You won't believe the figures when you do the calculations for your spending on the cigarettes.If you smoke 10 cigarettes a day then you spend 40 rupees(approx 0.8 $) per day.Calculate it for 1 year and it comes out to be 14600 rupees( approx 290 $).
Now imagine how much you loose financially.The big irony is that you pay for spoiling your health!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Your pleasure can ruin someone's life

Smokers seek pleasure during the moments of smoking.But they forget the fact that they are rapidly advancing towards some disease or death.
If your not rich and have people dependent on you then you have to think again when you hold the cigarette in your hand,because that tobacco stick can stick bills on your face that can ruin your fortune,leaving nothing for the people behind you.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Workplace smoking

Hi all sorry for the long gap.
Workplace smoking has become common these days.People try to relieve their stress by having a few minutes break and taking few puffs of cigarette.The stress induced depends on the nature of the work.If it is an industrial area or say stone mines then the you will often find people smoking at every hidden corners.Smokers induce smoking in people who are not regular smokers.You motivation for smoking can be attributed to more of your surroundings than your cravings.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Smoking gives me a lot of good thoughts

This may be correct to certain extent but certainly is misleading.You might have seen some people smoking at their workplace performing efficiently and this gives an impression to other people seeing him that smoking improves the thought process and the function of the brain.Here is a small unknown fact that after the smoking the thinking process of the brain becomes faster and effective but this effect fades after few minutes hence they have to smoke again and again to push the brain to get thoughts.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Don't quit smoking all of a sudden

The more youstop yourself from doing something, the more stronger the desirebecomes to do it again.When you make a resolution to give up smoking and you suddenly put a break to your old grown habit,then this effort sometimes kicks back you by increasing strongly the desire to resume smoking.
Sudden braking is always dangerous than gradual braking.So reduce your daily dose of cigarettes gradually,not abruptly.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The first taste of the day

The first cigarette of the day only matters.Believe me,if you sit and think thoroughly the purpose and outcome for your efforts to smoke,then you will realize this thing one day.
Recall the feeling when you wake up in the morning and take the first puff.How the feeling used to be?
Was it like a fresh feeling accompanied by blood rush all over the body?
Was it like a good feeling relieving you from a bad sleep effect?
You might have had similar kind of so called "good feelings" or you can call it as 'Quasi good feelings",which keep on fooling you everyday from morning to night.
The intensity of the"good feeling" fades away with the subsequent sessions of smoking only because your senses want to have the "Quasi good feelings" again and again.
So for the smokers only the first cigarette gives the taste and rest are waste.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

How To Stop Smoking-By Dr Ben Donnavan

While surfing on the world wide web, I found one nice website.Its simpleand free from any absurd advertisements.And if you want to know thethings from medical point of view,its a good site.

"GroundbreakingStrategy Which Unmasks The Ultimate Secret About How To Stop Smoking.For The Smokers Who Could Never Give Up But Wanted To - Here's AFull-Proof Way To Give Up This Awful Habit Using Proven And TestedTechniques.

Did your friends forced you to smoke?

Many people say that they inducted the habit of smoking from their peer group.Perhaps its not your friends who might have had forced you,its rather your weakness to say 'NO" to your friend/colleague.
Sometimes you might have made your mind to not to smoke and suddenly someone in your office or from your friends throw some party,and this becomes the occasion where you can fall into irresistible temptations of smoking.
If you are a smoking quitter and fear that you may develop the habit of smoking again , then you try to give your best to make yourself unavailable at every gathering occasion of smokers.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My small story-Part II

I kept on thinking for months that I am gonna quit smoking shortly.From a cigarette a day to a packet a day took no more than 8 months from the start of smoking.My health started getting deteriorated and I started loosing weight from 64 kg to 54 kg in one year.

When I started smoking I always used to have notes of high feeling,which later faded drastically leading to irritation and depression.In 2008 I quit smoking all of a sudden(normally all smokers quit and make a big comeback),this I did 5-6 times in last 3-4 years.In between 2008 and 2011 many things happened that led me to quit smoking finally and say "BYE SMOKING"

What happened that lead me to quit smoking?I will discuss the reasons in coming postings in form of daily tips,so friends keep your eyes on the postings in this blog

Good night

Monday, October 3, 2011

My small story-Part I

In my college days I was highly reluctant to the smoking and drinking habits.Some of my friends in the leisure time often went to outside campus for having puff of rolled tobacco.I used to ask them what's there in it that they liked so much?And they replied-"You'll come to know when you will have it".Out of curiosity one fine day I had it and that was the end of my healthy days.Then I came to know why its so addictive and known as recreational drug
The smoke inhaled triggers some chemical reaction in the brain's nerve endings which leads to a sensational feeling of pleasure.In simple words it makes you feel high.For people smoking in the beginning stages will get a feeling lightness in their body and a virtual feeling of brain getting relaxed after smoking.

Whatsoever may be the feeling ,but the fact is that its a poisonous sweet.The brain falls into this trap and gets tuned for the intake further doses of nicotine constantly into the body.

Rest of the story in part-II

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Don't abuse your lungs

Lungs are essential respiratory organs for purifying the blood by rejuvenating it with oxygen.Now what happens when you smoke on and on and on endlessly for years?They will get choked with the tar like substance caused due to intake of smoke.The condition will be similar to that of a choked air/oil filter in the car's engine.The choked lungs will perform partially and thus it will lead to improper functioning of the human body.you might not feel the pinch in the initial years,but by the time you realize it it would have hammered your respiratory and other body systems badly.